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Traditional vs. Digital Media: What’s your Strategy?

“The medium is the message” is a famous phrase introduced by Marshall McLuhan [...]

By |January 25th, 2017|Digital Marketing, Latest Articles, News|

What is Digital Health and who will the main players be?

According to the Indian billionaire and former founder of Sun Microsystems, Vinod Khosla, [...]

By |September 19th, 2014|ehealth, Latest Articles|

Simple steps to get started in Digital Marketing

With so much being written and talked about in the media it can [...]

By |July 18th, 2014|Latest Articles|

The 7 habits of highly effective digital Pharma companies

A recent paper from McKinsey & Company* looks at the 7 habits it [...]

By |May 23rd, 2014|Latest Articles|

Medical animations work, why Pharma should be using them

There is much written about video and the reasons why we are able [...]

By |April 25th, 2014|Latest Articles|

What digital services do patients want from pharma?

Two recent reports highlight the deficiencies in eHealth and the opportunities that exist [...]

By |March 27th, 2014|ehealth, Latest Articles|

Why isn’t Pharma using new digital technology?

With all the tools that are available today, it is still surprising that [...]

By |February 20th, 2014|Latest Articles|

5 Most Common mistakes made when running a webinar

There's no doubting the huge benefits of using webinars. However it's important to [...]

By |January 13th, 2014|Latest Articles, webinars|