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Project Description

Project Aims

Having an Asthma Management Plan is one of the key elements of effective asthma management.  However, research showed that despite most people with asthma agreeing that managing their condition is important to them, the vast majority didn’t have an asthma plan. The aim of the ‘Make Asthma Personal‘ campaign was to provide asthma sufferers with information about the importance of effective asthma management and with online tools to encourage and enable them to take control of their condition.

The Challenge

The main challenge was to find asthma sufferers online and to create engaging content to get them to use and download the resources available on the microsite for a better management of their condition.

Therefore the campaign was designed to target people who suffered from Asthma as well as people who knew someone affected by asthma.

Combined Media and GSK created a fully integrated, multi-channel digital strategy to:

  • drive traffic to the microsite
  • increase awareness
  • encourage people to take a proactive and personal approach to managing their asthma

Engagement and success was measured through a set of key performance indicators including pdf downloads, video views and number of pledges taken.

disease awareness campaign

Strategy and Implementation

As part of the ‘Make Asthma Personal’ campaign a microsite and various online tools were developed.
An extensive piece of market research was carried out as part of this campaign that unearthed some very interesting facts and figures. We designed and developed an explainer video to present these facts and figures in an interesting and engaging way.

The website also features an online toolkit to help people manage their asthma more effectively by tracking their symptoms and triggers, as well as outlining the important first steps in developing a personal asthma management plan. Users were also encouraged to take a pledge for better management of their asthma.

Other resources available in the microsite included an asthma control test, infographics, doctor discussion guide, an asthma journal and a personal goal planner.

Digital Marketing

The website was promoted through a Digital Marketing campaign on Google Search and Display, Facebook and third party websites, including Evoke.ie, Independent.it, RTE and ad networks. The campaign performed very well, driving a considerable amount of traffic to the website. Users engaged with the resources provided, including:

  • making a pledge to take control of their asthma
  • taking the Asthma Control Test, to check the level of control you have over your asthma
  • downloading the pledge pack, where they could find helpful materials that, in conversation with healthcare professional, they could use to manage their asthma more personally and effectively
  • downloading the Asthma Management Plan
  • watching the video

All results and actions on the website were tracked and reported.
In particular, the Google Search campaign showed a very high Click-Through-Rate. According to Google, the average click-through rate on AdWords paid search ads is 2%. Accordingly, anything over 2% can be considered an above average CTR. MAP search CTR was 4.16%