Gareth Lambe – Facebook and their plans for the future

Gareth Lambe, Head of Facebook Ireland took the floor at The Pharmaceutical Managers Institute event outlining the plans Facebook have for the future.

Facebook has moved into immersive content. The new feature is part of an aggressive push by Facebook to expand its video footprint and to keep up with their counterparts YouTube. Gareth Lambe pointed out that his CEO Mark Zuckerberg is constantly looking into the future.

This new immersive lets the user experience 360-degree videos. You can explore the video by dragging your mouse cursor within the video on desktop or by physically tilting your phones while watching on mobile.

Facebook launched the 360 degree video with Star Wars in September 2015 – The Force Awakens. The videos are a few minutes long which give users a complete 360-degree way to explore a galaxy that’s far far away. Check it out below if you missed it.

Some snippets from the talk:

TV took 67 years to reach 1 billion people and Mobile took 5 years

  • There are 1.2 Billion daily active users
  • 1.8 Billion monthly active users
  • 1.1 billion mobile active users
  • News feeds are becoming diluted as a result of information overload on Social & this has become a challenge for marketers

  • Facebook are continually helping with information overload on Newsfeed
  • New 360 degree immersive technology
  • Facebook has the most photos uploaded to it’s platform than all other companies combined.

  • Photo uploads total 300 million per day
  • Mark Zuckerberg wants to make the world more open and connected and they are currently investing in:
    • Global Connectivity
    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Virtual Reality
  • Facebook is to redesign as a ‘photo first’ upload system (photo first – text second).

  • Facebook to build €200m data centre in County Meath
  • Tweets from the PMI event

    Gillian O Sullivan