5 Most Common mistakes made when running a webinar

There’s no doubting the huge benefits of using webinars. However it’s important to plan for success. You want, people to attend, be interested in what you have to say and to interact. It’s worth bearing the following common mistakes in mind when planning and putting your webinar together.

1. Make it easy

A common webinar mistake is making the registration and login process difficult. If access isn’t quick and easy, your participants will simply move on. Ideally there should be one link to click on and nothing more. This can be an especially costly error, because once a user or customer dismisses your presentation as difficult to access, they are unlike to return to the source of their frustration.

2. Make it interactive

Not allowing questions is a webinar mistake, because you’re missing out on the opportunity to actually interact with the participants. People have signed up because they want to talk with you and the panellists, not simply be talked to. There are many ways to interact, including Polls, Surveys, Questions and Chat.

3. Make it relevant

Starting the webinar with long introductions and self-promotion is another webinar mistake. Remember that people have signed up for this type of presentation in part because they are very busy, and don’t have the time to attend a seminar in person. Respect their time by keeping intros brief.

By the same token avoid lengthy presentations and make sure to plan a program packed with information that leaves participants feeling like it was worth their time, while wanting more. That way, enticing them back to your next webinar will be easy. Look to find a balance between providing information, and allowing time for questions and comments

4. Make sure everything works

There are many stories of disastrous webinars that were plagued with technical issues. Practice, practice, practice and make sure that any partner you are working with knows what they are doing.

5. Promote your webinar as you would any seminar

In order to solicit lots of interest, be sure to craft an interesting invite and promote the event as you would any other seminar or company presentation. Develop an informative invitation with a slight sales tone that makes the reader feel like they can’t possibly miss your event.

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