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Everything to keep your WordPress site looking well and running smoothly

We design and build WordPress websites

Web sites may vary in size and scope but they all need to be managed and maintained to keep them secure and relevant. Once your web site has gone live, we offer our clients a number of options to best support and maintain their web site.

Website Maintenance Services

First and foremost web sites need to be kept secure so we offer the following services:

Each month we would regularly apply updates where required for WordPress and any plugins your web site may be using. To avoid any vulnerabilities on your web site, these updates need to be managed properly and constantly addressed before they become a problem for your web site. No matter what size your web site may be your site must be kept secure to keep your business and brand reliable in the eyes of your customers.

Maintenance Services

Along with the back-end updates Combined Media’s design expertise and experience can keep your web site fresh and relevant with new banners and imagery. Nothing lets a web site down more than seeing a pixelated or wrongly sized image squashed into a carousel. We offer as part of our support new imagery for your campaigns, reports and news stories to keep your site looking new. We offer WordPress training once a web site goes live but our customers need us when  they are too busy to make simple changes or when they want a campaign to stand out. Our front-end support services includes:

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