Medical animations work, why Pharma should be using them

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There is much written about video and the reasons why we are able to absorb information more easily in this format. To paraphrase a 2009 Forester Research report, a picture is worth a thousand words, so one minute of video is worth 30 pictures a second or 1.8 million words! Because of their power, companies are now increasingly using short ‘explainer videos’, medical animations to better explain their products and services.

So what are ‘explainer videos’? An explainer video is a web video that uses all means of supplements textual information in audio-visual form. They can include video, animations, voice-overs, music, and all types of graphics. They are typically short, usually ranging from one to three minutes and present information on business, products or services in a simplified manner.

Why do they work?

Firstly, people naturally respond to storytelling, something the medium of video does very well as they have a natural start, middle and ending. Story telling appears to activate multiple parts of our brains, not just language processing in the case of text, but sensory areas which add to the overall understanding and memory recall.

Video is also a lot easier to digest and a lot less of a commitment for somebody to engage with. A short explainer video or medical animation is a lot less daunting to get information from as opposed to reading technical specs or large chunks of text. Studies show that people can retain more information when all the senses are stimulated.

In terms of business, video usage leads to huge increases in conversion. Based on research from Internet Retailer, product videos increase the likelihood of a purchase or engagement by as much as 85% – even using the word “video” in the e-mail subject line has increased reported open rates and click-through rates.

Dropbox example

One of the best examples of the use of explainer videos is Dropbox, which has in five years gone from 0 to 100 million users. Key to this was their homepage which featured only two main components—an explainer video and a download button. Instead of lengthy descriptions of what the service offered, graphics and screen-grabs to show how it worked with downloadable white papers and PDFs, they used instead a simple 2 minute explainer video which showed you.

Their simple homepage design focuses visitors’ attention on their explainer video. When you land on the homepage, there’s only one thing to do—watch the video.

By focusing attention on the explainer video, Dropbox was able to get more people to watch and learn how the service worked which in turn led to more sign ups because more people now understood how to use the service. People were much more likely to click a download button when they know how something works and understand the benefit, and that’s what Dropbox was banking on with their 2 minute explainer video.

The result was a 10% increase in sign-ups which meant in their case 10 million additional customers and at an estimated $4.80 of revenue per customer that meant an extra $48,000,000 in revenue per year!

How could Pharma use explainer videos?

Health Professional product detailing

One of the most obvious areas is for HCP detailing when the sales rep is not present. There are many formats, but the key concept here is to grab their attention by providing introductory information about a product. If they need further information they can follow-up with more detailed research or contact you separately.

Using this type of video also means that you are providing clear and consistent information in the most appealing format. Medical animations can also be used by the HCP when and where is most convenient for them, so make them available on your websites and of course make them mobile compatible.

HCP approved patient information

Another very suitable area involves public disease awareness information. The short, concise format of these medical animations can explain complex topics in an easily digestible format.

A potential new area is the provision of information to patients who have been prescribed with your products. On approval from their HCP, you could provide patients with information on the medication they are taking and the medical animation provides a perfect format for this. Again these videos could be used for introductory type information, but also for demonstrating how to take their medicine and what to do in the case of there being a problem. Included with this could be information on their condition and references to other sources of information.

From a commercial perspective, think of explainer videos as perfect mini-presentations that are helping your potential customers to understand your products and services 24/7. They bring your product information to life and always deliver your message perfectly.


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