Non-profits are on a mission and whether it is like World Vision who want to eliminate poverty in the world or WWF to stop the degradation of the planet’s natural environment, they have become extremely social over the past few years. Social Media provides a way for them to tell a story, engage with their fans and supporters and get results.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat have become part of our daily lives, and have created a whole new way of communication. The use of these social networking sites by consumers have significantly increased over the years and businesses and organisations have followed suit. The realisation of being where your audience is has created a huge amount of opportunity for business.The Power of Social Media for Non-Profits is huge.

According to Smart Insights, the total number of Active Social Media Users is 2.31 Billion, which is nearly 3 times the size of Europe!


10 Reasons non-profits should use Social Media

  1. Ability to share real stories, keep supporters up to date on the latest news.
  2. Existing supporters use them.
  3. Potential supporters can be found on Social Media.
  4. People express what they feel across the social media.
  5. Social Media networks are rich communications channels.
  6. Organisations have created useful application tools that make it easy for you and supporters to use it E.g. Marie Keating Foundation’s integration with Facebook.
  7. Free to use.
  8. Opportunity to cast a wide net in a targeted way.
  9. Opportunities for connection that other channels may not.
  10. Cost-effective campaigning and building relationships

Nonprofit consultant and author Beth Kanter of Beth’s Blog advises how to make social more strategic.

“The role that it can play really well is engagement, especially donor engagement and donor retention, getting people to pay attention—capturing their attention.” – Beth Kanter.

“Social media shouldn’t be out there alone, it should be integrated and aligned with your strategic goals and target audiences,”.

The content you create on social should connect to your overall digital strategy and plan. 

The majority of articles on Social Media will tell you that relationships are key. Whether it’s for acquiring donors, volunteers or fundraising events, these relationships are the most important tool.

How Non-Profits use Social Media

Social Media has become an invaluable tool for campaigning. Celebrities are also glad to get involved. The #nomakeupselfie campaign raised £8m for Cancer Research UK and the Movember campaign garnered 1.2m Social Media Mentions alone in 2014 and in 2013 it doubled its Facebook reach and increased retweets by 45%.

Holly Willoughby - #NoMakeupSelfie - Cancer Research UK

Holly Willoughby – #NoMakeupSelfie – Cancer Research UK


Hugh Jackman - World Vision - Dukale's Dream

Hugh Jackman – World Vision – Dukale’s Dream




If you are either starting off or increasing your involvement, it can provide significant returns and build long-term support from your online community. Over-time you will see what content gets the most interaction and be able to finely tune it to your social media strategy.


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